Best cafe to read books in Ho chi Minh


Hi, I writing my blog in English. I’d like to improve my English skills so started to write in Englinsh. Hope you understand.

Every month, I’m reading two books for writing blog. Reading books make me improving writing skills and getting knowledge.

I found a great place to read books in Ho Chi Minh City. This is beside Ben Thanh market.

thehiddenelephant - Google 検索

The Hidden Elephant Books & Coffee

The entrance looks like a hidden place, lovely.

This was so quiet place. You can buy coffee or tea before sitting.


I chose this chair. Looks like special seat.

Everyone reading a book or using PC. So quiet. No one taking here. This is like a library. You can focus on your work.

If you’d like to talk, you can go to terrace.

This is the best place to read a book. Please visit it.

Thank you.